Current Books and Series

Alutia Rising Series

By Craig Gerttula

Book 1 - Alutia Rising, Anniversary Edition
Book 2 - The Noble Petty, Complete Edition
Book 3 - Foresight of the Duke, Part 1
Book 3 - Foresight of the Duke, Part 2 -Fall 2014
Book 4 - The Splintering Queen - 2015
Book 5 - Suns of Unity
Book 6 - Trembling of the Alliance

Upcoming Books and Series

Essence of Fate Trilogy

By Craig Gerttula

Book 1 - The Hidden Academy
Book 2 - Mist's Truth
Book 3 - Shattered World, Part 1
Book 3 - Shattered World, Part 2 

The Healing of Valerie

By F.K. Main

The Room to Everywhere

By Craig Gerttula

Twin Destiny 

By Craig Gerttula

Latest Release

Foresight of the Duke, Part 1 by Craig Gerttula

Title: Foresight of the Duke, Part 1 (Alutia Rising Series, Book 3)
By: Craig Gerttula

Synopsis: The last of the NHA ruling nobility loyal to the Hulk’Zif Duchy has finally been unseated from Alutia with the removal of the Marquis Rostil, ruler of the Don’Alutia Mark. Trent and Sasha, after leaving Don’Alutia in the steady hands of their newest ally, start their peaceful journey back to Alutia’Earth. But unexpected stowaways shatter any thought of peace as Trent is whisked into the unknown...

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Publishing Date: April 2014

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